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Our center offers a series of services aimed at assisting in the evolutionary process of each individual

We offer individual and collective sessions of Amazonian and Mesoamerican phytotherapy accompanied by our team of medicine men and women.

Below we present our complete catalog of services…

Ancestrals Medicines

We offer individual and collective sessions of Amazonian and Mesoamerican phytotherapy accompanied by our team of medicine men and women.

At the forefront of healing

The Medicines that accompany us in these therapies are providing solutions to problems that modern medicine still does not know how to deal with.

Proof of this is that, more and more, new research teams are appearing, such as the Center for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College of London, or the Center for Psychedelic & Consciousness Research, at Johns Hopkins University in the United States, in which researchers they focus on studying how psychedelics affect behavior, mood, cognition, brain function, and biological markers of health.

However, more and more high-impact scientific research journals are appearing that are bringing out new results on these therapies, such as the Journal of Psychedelic Studies, from Budapest, or the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, from London.

Below you can see some links with the new results that are being obtained in the search for these medicines.


Amazonian Ancestral Medicine Ceremonies - Yopo

Individual and collective

The Yopo ceremony is a space for the practice of presence through self-containment, it is an experience of deep inner vision and heart opening, it is accompanied by Liuberth who presents medicine from the tender and respectful place learned from his grandfather , following the design of the ritual context using original elements as well as the use of the music of his spirit.

This ceremony is a nocturnal session that can be lived individually or collectively, it is accompanied by a circle of fire and words that opens and closes the space emphasizing the integration of experience.

Mambeadero - Ritual of the word

Tobacco and Hayu

Going deeper into the wisdom of the ancestral peoples, we have experientially recognized other forms of knowledge, other senses of time and a wisdom inscribed in the forgotten dimensions of the interiority of human beings, finding a science of speech and communication absent in the contemporary society “El mambedero”, a pedagogy based on the art of sweet relationships, that is, an awareness that clarifies human existence from the care of relationships in unity: a pedagogy that allows us to approach the formation of the BEING.

The ritual of the word takes up the spirit of the ancestral Sacred Houses to return to the word of life; word of coca and tobacco; the Mambeadero.

It is in this space where the word takes up its sacred space; where the word is woven from Mind=Cold (tobacco) and Word=Sweet (coca).

The coca tree is a sacred book, because each leaf is a divine word. “Coca, symbol of the language (organ) that allows speech, makes record and remember what was said in the mambeadero (word ritual).” Coca is the plant of the word, the symbol of speech, pronouncing a word is summoning a power, a force that, if it is not captured or vented in the work, can become harmful. Words were a gift from the gods, so they are sacred and powerful. When summoning a power we are obliged to make it dawn, a poetic term that leads us to create, do, bring the force invoked by the word to the work.

The hayo or coca are the hummingbird spirit, the ambil or tobacco also contains the spirit of the hummingbird, an archetype that allows us to overcome normal perception, common understanding and that penetrates deep into the mystery.

In the “Mambeadero”, the mambe (coca), with its feminine energy, helps us to sweeten our words. Ambil (tobacco) gives us the clear and concrete words of masculine energy. These two plants help to make the interior disposition more intense for the task we do at night by the hearth of capturing thoughts. To catch thought we have to catch silence, that is to say that the basic connection is to establish a state of stillness, of inner silence that allows a connection, a superior mental state through which clarity, vision, advice of wisdom and insights appear. profound reasons for what to do. In this way, the presence of each one and the art of communication allows us to reveal a question that is important to resolve for the group through the internal wisdom of its participants.

  • It produces effects of insight-revelations (to realize).
    It promotes self-knowledge and the recognition of the possibility of learning through one’s own experiences and those of others.
  • Teaches effective communication techniques.
  • Allows a strong connection between mind, speech and heart (speaking from the spirit)
    It generates the possibility of being present; being in the here, in the now, contributing to a conscious process of daily activities.
  • Sacred medicine is used
    Tobacco, in the form of honey, called ambil.
    Coca, in the form of flour, called mambe or in the form of a toasted leaf called hayo.

(Individual or collective)

The duration is about 4 hours

Ancestral Medicine Ceremonies - Rape

Connection with the Great Spirit

The Rapé cleanses, orders and aligns our energy field and generates an internal dialogue with the grandfather / tobacco.

Clarifies perception, clears our mind and helps to connect with the energy of the Universe.

The monkfish is an air medicine oriented to information from the north, and from our north or inner compass, opening our superior energy channels, connecting us with the highest of our being. It stops the constant dialogue I have incessant of external demands, allowing the feeling and not the over interpretation of the expectations of thought.

The mixture is made up of vegetables and minerals that the different tribes that inhabit the Amazon have used for thousands of years.

Its main component is tobacco, which is usually applied roasted on the coals or made ashes. Tobacco is the sacred plant that connects with the Great Spirit, and generally the native peoples accompany it with their sacred plants, it is a way of connecting directly with the wisdom of their territory.

First soft intensity breath, to connect with the air, turn off and calm the thought.

Second medium intensity breath, to connect with the water, if a thought persists, let go, let it flow, reviewing the emotional vision.

Incense purification with clean plants, Amazonian copal, with sacred copalera, to call the fire of the sacred womb, generating the opening for transmutation.

Third high intensity breath, connect with the fire to transmute and go directly to the connection with the spirit, cleaning the astral, physical and mental body.

Fourth breath, only if the person requests it, is to land to check root-earth.

Fifth breath, only if the person requests it, the call of the Tamuy, or touch the center of the relationship, interior.

The breath can be repeated whenever the person requests it.

  • It produces effects of insight-revelations (to realize).
    Directly treat fears, depressions, obsessive fears, insomnia and anxiety, among other energies connected to the solar plexus, causing the person to vomit, thus eliminating the dense energies accumulated there.
  • Transforming negative energies into positive ones, serving as a messenger for our prayers to the Great Spirit or quantum field.
  • Effective in treating respiratory and digestive system problems. Many people cure their sinusitis and rhinitis with this medicine, which also immunizes against diseases of the respiratory system. It is also very powerful in treating the digestive system.
  • Helps expel mucus and parasites from the frontal and paranasal sinuses.
  • It eliminates headaches, dullness and lightheadedness as it decompresses the pressure in the skull.

1st. Soplo Osca or Mulateiro or Mint-Huni Kuin

2nd. Huni Kuin or Nukini breath

3rd. Blow Perica or Yawanawa

4th. Yawanawa-Female breath or Gesileu (optional)

5th. Jurema or Kuntawana puff (optional)

Individual and Collective

The duration is approximately 5 hours.

During the ceremony the person may experience dizziness, and vomit to relieve and cleanse, it is necessary to drink water before, during and after the ceremony. During the ceremony, praying tobacco can be used in the form of smoke to help soothe the body.

Amazonian Ancestral Medicine Ceremony - Ayahuasca

Individual and collective

The medicine used is a decoction made in the Amazon by the Ashaninka tribe, where the woman carries the lineage of this ancestral medicine.

This medicine is always composed of a minimum of two components, a monoamine oxidase inhibitor and a dose of dmt. In this way the motorism varies for about 12 hours after the assumption, and allows a more direct access to personal power and multidimensional awareness of being.

The proposed meeting offers a work of healing of the soul. The works with ayahuasca and ancestral medicines are a guide to go through our vital challenges, aligning ourselves with our destiny, understood here as the most efficient manifestation of our energy system and our soul, on Earth.

The approach is aimed at daily, everyday life, where we need small adjustments (or also clarity for more important changes) that allow us to live in peace, with balance and personal power. A healthy connection with instinct, with authenticity and with our humanity, inhabited by a divine spirit, is thus reestablished.

La Ayahuasca es una mixtura líquida, con efectos psicoactivos, que es sagrada por algunos indígenas de Sudamérica y que contiene las siguientes plantas:

  • Psychotria viridis es un arbusto que contiene la dimetiltriptamina (DMT)
  • Banisteriopsis caapi contiene la armilina que es el activador del DMT.
  • Diplopterys cabrerana: Se considera entre 3 y 10 veces más potente que la Psychotria viridis.

Se usa principalmente para tratar la adicción a las drogas, a los medicamentos o al alcohol, por su capacidad para disminuir la ansiedad y el miedo y equilibrar el sistema nervioso.

Además, se considera un potente relajante y se ha utilizado en el tratamiento de la depresión y el estrés postraumático con resultados satisfactorios.

A las 19h, cuando el sol se va poniendo, se crea una atmosfera muy espiritual con fuego y humo, y se realiza un pequeño sahumerio para preparar la persona para recibir esta medicina y la ayuda de su gran Divinidad. Después de tomarla, la persona entra en un estado profundo de paz en que, gracias a los vómitos, va purgándose de todo aquello que no le pertenece. Poco a poco, puede ver y sentir lo más sutil, llegar a tener una experiencia espiritual profunda e incluso hacer viajes interdimensionales que le ofrecerán comprensiones mayores sobre su vida y su camino.

El ritual dura de 4 a 8 horas y, al día siguiente, la persona amanece como nueva, mucho más saludable, llena de vitalidad y radiante de alegría y conexión con el entorno.

As multidimensional beings, we approach a healing contemplated in this way in more dimensions, but that offers us a direct experience of them, within us. The subtle bodies manifest in the physical, and thus symptoms, illnesses, cyclical blockages, mental or emotional confusion also manifest. The wisdom of the medicines accompanies a calibrated expansion of consciousness on the vital moment of each participant, opening the heart to the extent necessary to release patterns that are no longer functional to the person’s health.

Throughout the meeting we will also work with ANGELICAL ESSENCES, the “Dea Essence”, created by an Essene Priest who heals through Atlantis techniques and carries the Toltec shamanic lineage.

Given the events of this vital period on Earth, in this cycle of the Planet and of Humanity, we graft onto the technical ceremonies
spiritual energetic work, to facilitate the flow of our personal gifts in this global process. With harmony, coherence and peace.

We will then integrate the intuitive experiences rooting the awakened consciousness, to bring us to daily, concrete, everyday life, the teachings of humanity, of medicines and of our family of light, in a conscious and effective way.

An ayahuasca ceremony is a universe of love and light that unfolds so that you can see, recognize and remember who you are. To do this you have to purify yourself and granny will also take care of that. And so we celebrate together, with joy and sweetness.

Ancestral Medicine Ceremonies - Otac (Bufo alvarius)

Connection with the Great Spirit

Bufo is a psychoactive substance extracted from the parotid glands of the toad native to the American continent, Bufo alvarius, which it uses as a defensive mechanism.

This substance contains more than a dozen tryptamine compounds, including bufotenine and 5-MeO-DMT (5-methoxy-dimethyltryptamine), which is considered, in terms of its hallucinogenic effect, five times more powerful than Ayahuasca and comparable with psilocybin.

Its administration is by smoked/vaporized route, and it presents immediate and short psychoactive effects, usually lasting less than 20 minutes, although of an often unexpected and overwhelming intensity, producing an extreme variation in perception.

Bufo has an impressive healing effect on the nervous system and also on mental and spiritual problems.

In addition, it allows us to see what lies beyond this microbubble, elevating us to other energy levels, and providing us with revelations that change our lives forever.

The ceremony with Bufo is accompanied by very pleasant and soft music, which calms the soul and lights up the heart. When the heart is radiant with love, Bufo is applied in microdoses so that the person begins to connect with the Medicine, and it is they who choose whether or not to increase the amount, with complete freedom.

After the Bufo ceremony, life changes forever, and the person feels lighter, happier, braver and more loving.


Workshop - Uterus Meditation

Meditation for creative consciousness and fertility of the Uterus.

Meditation is an activation of the womb; integrates technologies of ancient traditions. Its practice from all the dimensions of the BEING; generates balance of the material body and spirit, not seeing them as something separate. When we unite body and spirit, we can achieve a full, healthy life and we generate a connection with our inner relationship that is reflected in the relationship with others.

If we work from this understanding, we become aware of honoring our womb, not only as a reproductive organ, and sexual connection, but really in the consciousness of fertility; that in the material plane is our abundance. Conceiving sexuality as a source of creation. Our uterus is the space where life is gestated, therefore, it is our feminine memory, in it all the information of our ancestors is stored. For the native peoples, from their ancestral medicines, it is the place where our vital energy resides.

"I love and bless my fertility womb as a reflection and mirror of Mother Earth, who gives my body at the service of the creative consciousness that I am"

This meditation is an activation of our ovaries, making us aware of the power and memory that exists in that place in our body. This meditation delves into the review of the feminine wound; all the suffering, sadness, restlessness, mistreatment is deposited in the uterus, generating in many cases imbalances in the physical plane, this technique seeks from a plane of consciousness, to establish a new energy balance giving way to the compression of the Sacred Feminine, which opens the way to unify the Sacred Masculine.

We seek to make women aware of the importance of their womb as a vital energy field.

  • Female Wound Release
    Activation of the ovaries
  • Activation of sleeping sexuality
  • Transforms the disorders and discomforts of menstruation, in cycles of calm and well-being
  • Activates fertility on physical and subtle planes
  • Makes you aware of more vital and proactive states of mind
  • Old submission schedules are released, for new creation schedules
  • Renews the vital energy of women
  • Makes awareness of the sacred feminine and reconciles the inner feminine relationship
  • Activation and re-connection with the creative energy
  • Reactivate the connection with Mother Earth

A yoga mat and a light blanket

Comfortable clothes and that the belly is not tight

Do not use accessories (earrings, necklaces, etc.)

Drinking water

Sleep very well the night before

Eat lightly on the day of meditation, little sweet, little salt and nothing greasy, or irritating foods.

Number of people: From 1 and maximum 25.

Meditation duration 4 hours maximum, minimum 2.

Incense workshop and ritual art

The tradition of incense is an Ancestral Technology; for the connection of Heaven and Earth. Essentially, look for acts of consciousness in the blessing or harmonization; of both people and spaces. Blessing and harmonizing opens the spaces of consciousness to the essentials of BEING, to common sense.

There is no disease, there are open wounds; when we talk about healing, we talk about rebuilding our body and who we are. Moving forward in life is linked to returning to the balance of our relationships, both with ourselves and with others, that is the true tool for life.

The medicine of brotherhood between women and men is to activate the medicine of love for ourselves, it is to activate the medicine of love for our sacred feminine and masculine, integrated in us.

We seek that women and men become aware of an ancient knowledge that is already in them and them, remembering the ancestral practice of incense to learn about its therapeutic, medicinal and devotional uses in relation to our different energy bodies. We will experience the relationship with the matrix fire, kept in the symbolic cup of our uterus in women, and activates the relationship of the sacred feminine in men and how to keep it lit, vivify it and take care of it. Inviting women and men to activate the medicine of brotherhood, the medicine of love.

These connections and experience with what are called ancestral technologies are directly related to ceremonial art, connecting with the subtle world. Reference will also be made to the importance of this ceremonial art; the importance of altars and opening spiritual doors and their benefits.

We will delve into the physical, emotional and etheric field of the medicinal plants of our territories and some imported from American traditions such as copal, white sage. Each plant has a specific scope of action in our BEING and in the etheric layers that make up a space.

We will experience simple incense techniques in the blessing and harmonization of ourselves, of spaces and opening of ceremonies, and its function within shamanic rituals, in the prayer to the spirit.

This is a workshop; it is not an initiation process with the incense burner. If you are interested in the initiation processes, contact the organizing group to find out the dates of the initiations. What is learned in this workshop is for personal use in relation to the burning of plants in the incense burner or clay container for personal purifications and blessings. And it’s also aimed at men.

  • Promote contact with Mother Earth
    Convey the importance of plants for life.
  • Promote respect for plants
  • Arouse natural curiosity and stimulate the subtle frequencies that allow the conscious understanding of the use of medicinal plants
  • Understand the importance of medicinal plants and their subtle vibrations to improve the frequencies of people and their spaces.
  • Re-know, remember through meditation exercises the role of medicinal plants in our territories.
  • Conceive nature as a source of life.
  • The first part; It is the understanding of ceremonial art and connection with plants.
  • The second part; It is done in an open space, where the burning of the plants is worked on, and experiments are carried out with them.
  • Incense burner if you have one, or a small clay pot.
    burning charcoal
  • A handkerchief to wrap around the neck of the incense burner and avoid burning ourselves when using it.
  • Another handkerchief to keep the incense burner.
  • You can take your quartz and sacred ceremonial elements if you have to be energized
  • 4 horas

Workshop - Tobacco

Grandmother / or sacred teachers of consciousness

Tobacco is native to the Americas, the Amerindian communities conceive it, feel it as a Sacred Being and advisor, it is a grandmother. Knowing more about the plant and its true properties allows us to enter into a deeper relationship of respect and use it with responsibility, awareness and love.

Its spirit, its energy, its properties allow us to calm our thoughts, keep our mental energy calmer, allowing us to better understand our present moment, the here and now.

Sharing with the “tabaquito” is the previous preparation to listen to the spirit guides, the spirits of nature and the beings that inhabit other dimensions or planes of consciousness, access to the subtle world.

The grandfather/tobacco acts as director of the other power plants. It is a plant that prepares and opens the way for other sacred plants and animals or to collaborate with them in their ceremonies such as Bufo, Kambo, Ayahuasca, San Pedro, or Peyote, among others.

The sacred smoke of grandpa/tobacco

Sacred tobacco smoke (smoking or inhaling). Those of us who share together with tobacco, call this act, like praying. This prayer puts you in touch with the four elements.

The rationed air-knowledge; the good thought comes through each inhalation and exhalation; the grandfather advises in each inhalation and expiration.

The silent fire-knowledge; The powerful fire lights the spirit of the leaves of wisdom, feeds with its energy the strength of our prayers in purposes of life in light.

The water-emotional knowledge; your saliva purifies the word, then your word is a reflection of a cold mind in good thought

The earth-practical knowledge; tobacco comes from the earth, creative Mother, she has gestated the leaves of wisdom, and allows us to understand that we are that creation, therefore, our good thoughts must become a practice of life.

Tobacco is a medicine, a means to raise the vibrations. A medicine to communicate and know how to listen, to heal a relationship, to make Sewa (agreement). The tobacco is to elevate the prayers, since the word is impregnated in the smoke, and it rises and goes towards the Great Spirit, towards the Creator. If you have a low vibration with someone, the sacred smoke, you express yourself and bless the word. The sacred smoke of the is used in meeting spaces, word rituals, prayers.

Not only are there many more ways to integrate the sacred tobacco plant into us apart from smoking it, but it is imperative to start consuming its other forms first, as this is the natural universal order. This is one of the main reasons for the mismatch that the West has with the master tobacco plant.

Every human being is born of a woman, immersed in the feminine elements that are flesh or solid matter (earth element) and amniotic fluid (water element).

Only at birth is the mother’s body abandoned to become accessible to the father and be able to breathe (air element) and see (fire element light-sun): The mother “gives birth”.

That is why tobacco will always be consumed first in the form of raw aqueous extract (material and water), then cooked extract (the fire begins to integrate) and finally the “smoked” sacred smoke. (fire and air).

In the Amazon, these stages occur in this strict and irreplaceable order, and only after a proper INITIATION (Rite of passage, new birth), is there access to the smoked form of tobacco. The energy of tobacco must initially be integrated into the body in its densest dimensions (matter and water) in order to be incorporated into the most tenuous and ethereal dimension of the human energy body (air and fire).

We will talk about its forms and depth.

holy smoke; in pipe (sacred chanupa), in tobacco (wisdom leaves).

Drunk: The Tobacco Purge

Inhaled liquid tobacco; osca and/or snuff

holy saliva; Tobacco honey (Ambil and/or Ambira)


Psilocybin Session

Hallucinogenic or psychedelic mushrooms can be divided into two groups: the psilocybin group, which contains mushrooms found mainly in the Psilocybe genus, and the Muscimol group, which contains mushrooms of the Amanita genus.

The psilocybin session is done in the morning and lasts between 6 to 8 hours. Mushrooms are taken first thing in the morning, fasting, while enjoying contemplating the landscape in peace and even taking a walk. It does not cause any kind of vomiting or dizziness, but it greatly increases the perception of the outer and inner world, leading to very revealing spiritual experiences.

Among its beneficial effects, it manages to significantly reduce the symptoms of individuals with greater depression, improving the results of traditional antidepressants.

It also serves to further understand the nature of our mind and our thoughts, to learn to control it.

Kambo session

Kambó is a substance secreted by the kambó frog or large monkey frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor), which lives mainly in northwestern Brazil, but is also found in other Amazonian countries such as Peru, Colombia, Guyana, Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela.

This substance is considered highly toxic and serves the frog to defend itself against predators.

To apply it, small burns are made on the epidermis and the mucosa of the frog is applied. It then causes a toxic shock, causing a reaction in it that frees it from all bioaccumulated toxins in fats and tissues and, therefore, cleanses the entire body. During this process, vomiting and nausea appear for 10 minutes.

It also kills parasites and pathogens through its antimicrobial peptides.

It is used to treat serious chronic problems, both physical (skin problems, allergies, inflammation, infections, cancer, etc.) and mental (blockages, fears, anxiety, etc.).

After a Kambo session, the person feels a deep peace and lightness that gives him a lot of joy and carefree.

Sananga session

Sananga is an eye fluid made by Amazonian tribes from the roots and bark of the Tabernaemontana undulata shrub.

This sacred and powerful medicine is used to strengthen the eyes and/or treat eye problems, heal physical and spiritual ailments, cleanse the mind of distracting energies, purify the blood, and enable a whole new way of perceiving and focusing on life.

It is a very intense medicine but with a short process (5-10 min). Its qualities are clarity and concentration.

Drops are applied directly to the eyes and allowed to filter. After this session it is common to feel a more positive outlook on life and more relaxation, as well as greater visual acuity. It also helps to cure certain eye problems or prevent them, and cure minor infections such as colds.

"I sing, not because I feel happy
I feel happy because i sing"
William James