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Our Team

Our accompaniment team is made up of men and women who have remembered their gift and share it with the world.


Coordinator of the Montserrat Evolutionary Support Center

Liuberth Alexander was born in the Andes of Venezuela. Vocational musician, he studied a degree in Human Resources Management at UCAT Venezuela, culminating his studies and focusing his path on personal knowledge and the medicinal use of music. His path led him to learn about traditional shamanism from different cultures and to make contact with the ritual context and tribal culture. He is the spiritual grandson of Chamán Bolívar and Grandmother Elena, the highest authorities of wotjuja shamanism in the Venezuelan Amazon.

From the hand of Grandfather Bolívar he received his initiation sharing deep and healing experiences, real activations of the soul and the deep link to an ancient shamanic lineage that has allowed the meeting of this ancestral wisdom with the new time.

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The grandfather’s teachings have left such deep and luminous marks on Liuberth that today they become a source of inspiration for our project.

Founding member of the Montserrat Evolutionary Accompaniment Center, he has shared the medicine and school of Grandfather Bolívar in several countries in Europe, Spain, Holland, Germany, France and the Czech Republic.

He is currently the guardian of the Churuata Chejeru, headquarters of our center and coordinator of our support team.

The ability to listen, empathy, connection with the source, with the majesty of simplicity, the development of perception, intuition and the integrative vision of different knowledge are aspects that accompany their experience and influence their will to serve… learning. ..

Words from Liberth

"I feel that everyone has a song inside that they can listen to and sing when they remember who they are."

"I trust in the natural capacity to love that we human beings have..."

"My work is inspired by the possibility of finding greatness in the simplest things... Mother Nature taught me that... and my Grandfather planted it in my heart"


Partner of the Montserrat Evolutionary Support Center

Professional training in Political Science. She has made a path of consciousness alongside the Mamo – Jate Kulchavita Bouye, Spiritual Father of the Mhuyska Community and of the Sierra Nevada in Colombia. From a very young age he received instruction from great connoisseurs of the word Tobacco and Coca in the Amazon Jungle.

Together they have created the holistic community “Spiral IE”, which is also a school or path of consciousness that has reached more than 10 countries, also generating physical experiential spaces for these experiences of consciousness, such as the Tierra de Agua Ecommunity – Yezaku. She has received the path of Medicine Woman or Sacred Woman, and holds the Sacred Fire of the Incense Burner, she was initiated by grandmother Roxana Campos, guardian of the Mexica tradition, she is a dancer of the Sacred Lunar Circle Huiztlampayolotl Mestztli, being the bearer of the Sacred Lunar Chanupa and She is also the bearer of the Sacred Medicine of the Kambo.

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In her different workshops, retreats, healings and circles of women and men in the world, he establishes the importance of understanding the planet, Mother Earth, as a living being and human beings as guardians of each of the parts of that living body. Her central task is to make available the ancestral social technologies and the new ways of assuming consciousness in the West, in a confluence that allows them to be carriers of change, to contribute to the care of our spiritual and material territories, bringing the medicine that she calls “Connection Hummingbird Crystal”, uniting heaven and earth through the revision of the ego and meditation, allowing the encounter with the inner being.

"Listen to the wind that inspires, Listen to the silence that speaks, Listen to the heart that knows."

- Indian proverb Listen to the silence that speaks, Listen to the heart that knows."


Partner of the Montserrat Evolutionary Support Center

Doctor in Biotechnology from the University of Valencia, a member of our team, he is a professor at the UCSG Faculty of Medicine, teaching Medical Anthropology and, in addition, directing medical and biomedical research projects and several Doctoral Theses.
For years he has also dedicated himself to the study and anthropological and experiential research of Ancestral and Sacred Medicines. His first contact with these Medicines was when he emigrated from Valencia to Ecuador, where he alternated his university teaching with his trips to the Amazon, meeting different shamans with whom he lived and from whom he learned to cook sacred medicines such as Ayahuasca and Floripondio. On the Ecuadorian coast, he connected with the Medicines of Bufo, Kambo and Rapé through the guide Kevin Sánchez Gómez and, after returning to Europe, he learned to take and share Mambé, Ambil, Psilocybe mushrooms and Sananga.

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Esta combinación analítica/holística y conceptual/intuitiva le han llevado a niveles de comprensión de la muy elevados de la vida, y le han hecho crear proyectos totalmente innovadores como el que está llevando a cabo junto con el instituto IONS de California: un estudio de investigación sobre el efecto del tratamiento con Bufo sobre el bienestar general, la curación del sistema nervioso y el desbloqueo de problemas mentales crónicos.
Además, Miquel Blasco es Macrobiótico, siendo el primero que ha formado a ecuatorianos en esta milenaria Medicina Oriental, y tiene una amplia trayectoria y experiencia en meditación, lo cual le sirve como refuerzo para sus terapias

"The earth does not belong to man, but rather man belongs to the earth, man has not woven the web of life, he is only a thread of it, everything he does to the web, he will do to himself, what happens on earth will happen to the children of the earth."

- Indian proverb


Partner of the Montserrat Evolutionary Support Center

Hello, I’m Layla 🙂 Since I was a child I have felt a great vocation of service towards the emotional, psychic and spiritual well-being of human beings; At the age of 12 I decided that I would be a psychologist, and in fact I graduated in 2008 from the UAB. With these rather formal foundations, I also felt like exploring the role that systemic networks play in our lives, as well as the place that each of us occupies in a larger context. Thus, I trained for two years as a facilitator in family and systemic constellations at ADS Girona (2013-2015). Finally, and feeling an impulse to go even further, I trained in channeling and energy healing for two years (2017-2019).

Even today I continue to learn and participate in supervisions and work groups resulting from that training. It seems important to me not to neglect personal work and each learning and understanding that I do on a personal level I gain in maturity and capacity and I remember that we are all traveling this same mysterious path that is Life.

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My aim is to offer holistic care that encompasses the totality of our being, from the physical to the spiritual, and thus be able to give a complete response to those who seek to find greater well-being with me. I will be happy to assist you!

"Be happy for this moment, this moment is your life."

- Omar Khayyam


Partner of the Montserrat Evolutionary Support Center

Born in Italy, Alberto has a degree from the Faculty of Psychology of Turin. She has been dedicated to the aid relationship since 2003, working in schools, health structures, NGOs for refugees victims of war and torture, communities of women victims of gender violence and marginalized adolescents. Private transpersonal therapist, he goes through long-lasting personal therapeutic journeys from different psychological schools (psychodynamics, Gestalt and Diamond Logos).

Finally, for 8 years, he has followed a path of spiritual development guided by an Essenian Priestess. Now he is dedicated to transpersonal and energetic therapies also at a distance. In addition to the constant and deep supervision, he has been nourished by different personal development works, highlighting: Integrative Therapy (SAT), C. Jodorowsky’s Psycho-shamanism (psychic rituals), Family Constellations, Meditation and the Art of Chi (inner energetic movement).

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I am fascinated by the mastery that every human being brings to this star we call “Earth”. A star in which “the cure” is a creative act. That happens when we raise the vibration. So we act from the source, the creator ..or whatever you call it That with which we have a direct connection (a spring, better said) in the heart. I have always recognized the treasure of growth in each lived experience.

For me the present remains the greatest mystery… that is revealed. So in the freshness I recognize the truth, in the light I see clearly, and in love I REMEMBER the brothers and sisters. I am deeply grateful for the teachers of light who meet and accompany us along the way, embodied and not. Among whom the grandmother, like a luminous river of blessings and healings

"Don't go behind me, maybe I don't know how to lead,
don't go ahead, maybe I don't want to follow you,
come by my side so we can walk together"

- Ute proverb

"When you yell at a child, You take away his medicine"