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About us

We are a center created to accompany individuals and families in their evolutionary process.

Our philosophy

Offer the community a space for individual and collective self-knowledge based on support and training in the use of ancient and contemporary therapeutic tools.

To be a safe and loving space for the exploration and containment of individual and collective healing processes, a reference within the alternative or complementary health services of the Province of Barcelona.

"Help us to always be The hopeful gardeners of the spirit who know that without darkness nothing is born in the same way that without light nothing blooms"
- May

Our center

Our headquarters are located in the province of Barcelona, ​​region of Osona, Catalonia.

Our house “Churuata Chejeru” is a decent, comfortable space in contact with nature, prepared to receive individuals and families, we have comfortable rooms and beautiful and spacious common areas, a swimming pool and a Garden whose trees are part of our team of accompaniment.

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A root to the ancestors

- Grandpa Bolivar-

Grandpa Bolivar

Grandfather was a great, noble man, immensely wise as well as immensely humble.

Grandfather believed in us his school… simple

That path of finding the majestic in the simple…

That big family dream…

The tribe that we are…

Is alive…

In our hearts.

-Liuberth Freites

Grandpa Bolivar Tribute

Song in honor
to his legacy:

-Liuberth Freites-