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Amazonian Ancestral Medicine Ceremonies - Yopo

The Yopo Ceremony is a nocturnal ceremony of deep introspection and inner vision.
Yopo touches the heart and connects with mother earth…

Yopo reminds us about our ability to feel love and be present.

“More important than a fast is to feel that it comes from youπŸ’“

However, it is recommended to fast at least partially on the day of the ceremony, trying not to eat food during the end of the day, also avoiding the consumption of sweets, including fruit.

People who prepare with days of fasting and introspection usually experience deep work.


– For sleeping:

-If you have musical instruments, bring some so that you can sound your being

-Comfortable clothes

Avoid bringing what you don’t need

πŸ”…If you come with πŸš— We send you the location the day of the ceremony.
πŸ”†If you come with 🚊Get to the Vic station and we’ll pick you up there

Time: Between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. you can arrive.

start time of the ceremony 21 00

12:00 noon closing time.